Blog: A Stupid Word

Ok. I have this thing about words.  I like words whose sound when spoken aloud seem to fit the thing or concept they describe.

For example.  The word Baby is perfect.  It sounds like a chubby, squishy, cute-little- boo type of a word. Another perfect word like this is the word burp.  A burp IS what it sounds like, precisely.

Since I am a genuine word- nerd, this dork-babble would be incomplete without the evidence to support my point and the proper opposition is Called for also.

You know how I feel about magnificent words whose sound when pronounced matches the item or concept for which it aims to describe.  On the contrary, certain words have a completely unmatched phonetic sound in relation to itself. An example of this abomination is the word CUSTARD. It makes me cringe, that word.  First, we have the item, which is a fluffy, creamy, incredible desert that could save lives in my world, and we named it custard?  So many kinds of bad. I imagine the dried up shards of MUSTARD when I hear the word custard.  My husband wisely pointed out the wombo (It means word combo)  of Custard has two sounds that could be the wombo for CUSS and TURD. Not yummy things to associate with desert!  I bet this linguistic phenomenon has a name.  I will personally take you on a lunch date if you find this word and teach it to me in the comments.

My point has gone astray, I simply wanted to say that the word “BLOG” makes me feel stupid and embarrassed every time I say it.  Couldn’t it have been named something cooler and less barfy?  It is actually the sound people make when vomiting.  Think about it.  BlooooGggg .


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