Failure as a Catalyst To Success

Lemonade is evidence of our ability to alter nature just enough to make challenging tasks, such as eating a lemon, more tolerable, and possibly even delicious!

Thank you for stumbling across my written works.   Lucky Day!   I know that sounds cocky and presumptuous,  and I will admit now, in advance of your own discovery, that I am quite fond of myself.  I pat myself on the proverbial back, and I often give myself high fives.  Admittedly, when one gives one’s own self high fives it is clapping.    I love this  complex and winding mind of mine and I invite you to stay with me, follow me, keep  in touch.  Just don’t stalk me.  Unless you stalk me while showering me with divine gifts and with no intentions of ever hurting me.  In that case, stalk on stalker.

I am glad that I have your undivided attention at the moment. I invite you to continue to read along as I journey through a confusing but promising life as a Mother, and Wild  Woman, and one half of a two-person unit ( it isn’t marriage but it’s the next best thing!).   I have dabbled in darkness and in light.  I believe in the magnitude of our potential of the human beings story,  and I really wish I was a lot less lazy so I could contribute more magnificence to the Universe.  Aha!  This is a good time to practice a formulating theory.   I will reroute us, now, at this moment.  I will  start a positive sequence of events, and not a negative sequence.

My contribution will be of value if I use my gifts and talents to connect the pieces to life’s puzzle.   Here is the tricky new development in my world.

As I stumble along the previously paved neuro pathways in my mind, I have fallen many times.  I have fallen victim, fallen in love, fallen down,  fallen in line and fallen flat broke more than once.  There was a time when I had clarity.  There was a period of my life that was magical.  I had all the limitless fruits of good work, life was good to me and I was good to it.   So inevitably I made a few choices that led me to less fortune, because life’s carousel offers us so many temptations along the way… doesn’t it?    I am finding out now that all of my stupid decisions have a much longer lasting affect than the smart choices. Why is this ?   What a great and unfair paradox.  It is good for you so …it isn’t as enjoyable??  WTF.

To be continued.